Lyndi Allison of Tranquilo Retreat, Author of the Summer Triangle Trilogy: The Lines Between Our Stars (Book 1), The Bridges Between Us, The Clashing Of Our Worlds | New Writers Should Surround Themselves with Likeminded Creatives

Lyndi Allison believes that new writers should surround themselves with like-minded creatives. She is truly one of my favorite creatives. We met at a beach community restaurant in Panama, where told me about an introductory writers workshop she was hosting. We talked about writing on this same occasion and she wooed me into attending her workshop. I’m really glad I went. Pre pandemic, I was a regular at her full workshops. Lyndi still hosts these workshops at a wonderful place she calls home. Her home is also known as Tranquilo Retreat, A Writer’s Getaway.

Lyndi is herself a fiction writer in the young adult sci-fi genre. Her workshops have prompted the works of several fiction, non-fiction writers, and songwriters, myself included. My first published songs were in fact born at her workshops.

In this conversation

In this conversation Lyndi and I discuss Tranquilo Retreat, the inspiration for her recently published summer triangle sci-fi trilogy, processing grief through storytelling, learning the craft of writing, her publishing journey, key takeaways from the publishing journey, tips for writers and more.

You can learn more about Lyndi, her books and writers workshops at

Please enjoy my conversation with Lyndi Allison.

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