Greg Kitzmiller outdoors wearing a had and dark blue shirtGreg Kitzmiller is an expert on how to retire and live as an expat in Panama. He shares everything he knows in his book “2 Retire In Panama: Adventures Of A Young Retired Couple.” Greg and his wife Jen did their due diligence and research before taking the plunge toward retirement in Panama. He shares his ongoing research in a weekly newsletter, providing updates to a growing community of people who are considering retirement in Panama. I venture to say that his book and newsletter are also very helpful to the digital nomad crowd, as younger people are looking into location independence. Living as an expat in Panama myself, I can attest that Greg’s book is packed full of useful content. You can find Greg’s book and newsletter at

In this conversation we cover Greg and wife Jen’s research and exploration of Panama, the post publishing challenges of marketing the book, his plans for paid content related to retiring and living in Panama, and the creative motivation behind his next book.

Greg is a super nice guy. I’ve enjoyed working with him on his website and newsletter.
I have also enjoyed getting to know him a little better through this conversation and random meetings about town in the Coronado beach area.

Please enjoy my chat with Greg Kitzmiller.

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