Chef Edna Cochez holding a loaf of fresh baked bread, wearing a black short sleeve top and her chef's apron, smiling

Edna Cochez considers herself a culinary guide rather than a teacher.

Edna Cochez is transforming experiences into baking courses. She does this to support people who have ever felt limited by where they live, what they decide to study or what those around them say.  Edna says that these are barriers can be overcome with desire and the ideal educational tools.

Edna is a Chef & baker, mom, entrepreneur, wife and friend to many. She self identifies as obsessed with learning everything to make her own life as a mom, wife and entrepreneur easier. She absolutely loves sharing her knowledge and experiences with others.

Edna was brought to my attention by way of Jessica Ramesch, who is co-host for this episode. Jessica is an editor for International Living Magazine and an author. She’s also a good friend who happens to be interested in the world of podcasting. She  joins me for this episode as a bit of a test drive. Jessica and I hope it will be the first of many many more to come.

Edna’s been a business owner for over 17 years supplying the best coffee shops in Panama City with her kitchen creations. She has studied at San Francisco Baking Institute (SFBI), King Arthur Flour Baking Center of Norwich VT, Zingermann´s Community of Businesses Ann Arbor MI,  AIB International, Notter School of Pastry Arts FL, and Marie Forleo’s B-School. In 2019 she was the only permanent female judge in Season 4 of the Top Chef, Panama edition. She is a brand ambassador for Miele, Lurpak Butter and Nestle among others, and creates written and video content for their social media channels. More recently Edna has directed her attention toward trends, marketing, digital strategies, video and communication in order to transform her experiences into content of value for her growing audience. This is why she’s transforming experiences into baking courses.

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