Mike Aguilera in dark blazer, white shirt and green tie on gray background.

My guest Mike Aguilera is a communication expert specializing in subconscious communication techniques and rapport-building skills for business and leadership. We are joined by my still new co-host Jessica Ramesch.

Mike’s done more than 1,000 international presentations and workshops at major conventions, associations, and companies such as Apple Computer, Cisco, HP, PG&E, McDonald’s Restaurants, Hilton Hotels, Lockheed, and Intel. He is a Master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is an advanced communication system modeled after therapists who achieved amazing results in helping people make rapid changes in their lives.

Mike and I met while I was living in San Jose California and have been acquainted for close to 15 years. In this conversation we talk about some of the negative opinions that surround NLP, but then we get into…

  • Connecting w/people in 90 seconds or less
  • Helping others feel safe in conversation with us
  • Conversational selling
  • A new kind of PTSD that the pandemic has created
  • How to engage with family and others during holidays
  • NLP explained

At the end of the interview, Jessica and I do an episode wrap-up to discuss takeaways, final thoughts and more.

Please enjoy my conversation with Mike Aguilera and co-host Jessica Ramesch.

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