Angie K LoveAngie K Love has just published her first novel “Awakening Hearts, A Tale Of Love Across Lifetimes.” Angie and I have been acquainted for about ten years. We recently reconnected by way of an accidental email. I did that thing where you inadvertently allow your email service provider to send an email to all contacts. Oops.

Our accidental reconnection turned out to be a twist of good fortune. Angie was about to publish her first book when she received my email. We decided it was an opportune time for a conversation on the podcast. It was in fact a great opportunity to hear about the journey leading to her first novel, “Awakening Hearts, A Tale Of Love Across Lifetimes.”

As the title implies, it does touch on the subject of love. You can read a synopsis and find video readings by Angie on her website

In this conversation we talk about Angie’s writing journey, the many things she learned about writing a novel, the people she met along the way, her move to writing full time, what she plans after publishing this novel and more. I think Angie is digging her heals in on this writing thing. She’s already working on her next book and hopes to publish next year in 2022. No pressure Angie. You got this.

Find all of Angie’s work, including her new novel “Awakening Hearts, A Tale Of Love Across Lifetimes,” at

Please enjoy my conversation with Angie K Love.

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