Expat Life and Business in Panama | Cynthia Lehman

Cynthia Lehman is an expat living and working in Panama. She and I are acquainted, because I too am an expat in Panama. She is a seasoned real estate pro. Real estate is part of what brought her to Panama and the real estate market therein. Her real estate niche is tours for people who are considering a purchase and/or expat life in Panama.

Cynthia is also the creator of LORE Magazine, which caters to visitors and residents of Panama. Each issue is in both Spanish and English. LORE Magazine is a guide to the many interesting and useful places, things, and services offered by Panama. She embodies the giving mindset, and she’s all about providing value for others.

In this conversation we talk about giving, her businesses, how she ended up on Panama, her appreciation of networking, relationships, and more.

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