Word of Mouth Marketing | Jason ResnickIn this episode I’m rejoined by Jason Resnick to talk all about word of mouth marketing. With over a decade in business, two podcasts under his belt, and thousands of freelancers who he’s helped build businesses, Jason knows word of mouth marketing better than most. He’s also spent zero dollars on advertising.


We start the episode by talking about Jason’s participation in #freelancechat on Twitter, then go on to discuss:

  • How to create remarkable client interactions
  • Creating a referral strategy and opportunities
  • Strategies to build referrals and testimonials through spec work
  • Discounting services based on closed referrals
  • How to grow a business while spending zero dollars
  • Jason’s podcast experience and what he’s creating for his listeners


1. Make the ask. Nobody’s going to do it for you.
2. Try pay-what-you-can pricing for a product you’d give for free. You might be surprised by the outcome.
3. Use the connection points that you already have and keeping growing.


“You have to ask. They’re not going to be thinking about you. You have to create that moment so that they are. If you’re not doing that, then you’re not creating the opportunity for that word of mouth to be more predictable to your business.”
—Jason Resnick

“Focus in on what’s important for you, your family and your business in that order, for the long term. Don’t chase the short term–more often than not that ends badly.”
—Jason Resnick


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