Most Businesses Leave Money On The Table | Tom GledhillMergers and acquisitions expert Tom Gledhill feels too many businesses leave money on the table. We talk about the longtime looming crisis surrounding the saleability and valuation of small businesses, the action plan he’s created to help small businesses face this crisis, and his motivation for taking his expertise to the online and personal branding world.


We start this episode by talking about Tom’s entrepreneurial journey and go on to discuss:

  • Branding your company vs. branding yourself
  • Why only 20% of businesses that go to market sell
  • Learning he left money on the table in the sale of his own business
  • Creating the XITpro system
  • His drive to support other businesses
  • Tom’s passion for veterans


  1. Get out of your comfort zone – that’s where success happens
  2. Don’t leave money on the table – do your research or hire an expert


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