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In this episode Ana Xavier of The Podcast Space explains how random passion can be a gateway for connecting with others. Ana and I meet at Podcast Movement 2021 in Nashville. She’s is a podcast industry expert who thrives on helping podcast creators and entrepreneurs embrace their creativity and creative flow.

We talk about this, our respective experiences at Podcast Movement 2021, the creativity she pours into her business, creator overwhelm, batching for productivity, growing a podcast on a limited budget, social media engagement, using podcasts as a marketing tool for  business and more. There’s always more. 🙂

The Podcast Space provides a broad range of resources and actionable tips for podcasters. Learn more about Ana at and @ThePodcastSpace on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Please enjoy my conversation with my Ana Shevier.

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Starting a podcast can be a challenge. Many of the challenges revolved around fear, procrastination and tech.

I know what that feels like, yet I’ve recorded and published over 260 podcast episodes.

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If fear, procrastination or technophobia are preventing you from staring your podcast, check out Podcast Startup by Morning Tempo and The Unstarving Musician. Podcast Startup is for creators with a voice.

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