Debt Aversion, Knowledgeable Customers, and Competition | Thom Snellings

Thom created Edge of Arlington Saw & Tool in 1997. The company provides new tool sales and service to the wood and plastic manufacturing industries, with a specialty in something known as CNC tooling. Thom’s business has out lasted its competition, out maneuvered big industry companies, and found growth during two economic downturns.

Big takeaways and points of discussion include debt aversion and the importance of cash, as in cash is king. Thom also explains how he’s grown his business supporting small startups that would otherwise be competitors.

He learned long ago that his best customer is a knowledgeable customer. This has driven him to constantly learn about CNC tooling and his industry. His goal has always been to be the most knowledgeable resource on relevant technologies and advancements.
It has all paid off. Edge of Arlington Saw & Tool has become one of the best known companies in tool sales for wood and plastic manufacturing.

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