Giving Back and the Business of Music | Brian WolffIn this episode Brian Wolff joins me to talk about giving back and the business of music. We discuss his work as Community Engagement Coordinator with the nonprofit Kids In a New Groove, how this work and its mission keeps him connected to his music, how entrepreneurship and music are closely linked, and the value of strategic partnerships.


We start the episode by talking about Kids In a New Groove and go on to discuss:

  • The realities of foster care
  • Balancing the mentor to mentee ratio
  • What it takes to find the right mentor
  • Changing up the songwriting process
  • Promotional events and strategic partnerships
  • The importance of caring for your mental health


  1. Avoid the jack of all trades mentality – create clear lanes for your team, especially a small team.
  2. Leverage your network.
  3. Quality above consistency.


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