How Philip VanDusen Got His First 10k Email SubscribersPhilip VanDusen of Verhaal Brand Design recently caught my attention in a mastermind group forum when he announced that he’d recently hit 10,000 email subscribers. He and I are both members of the Youpreneur mastermind community for personal brand entrepreneurs. His announcement was one of well deserved celebration.

How Philip got to 10,000 email subscribers

Philip tells me that his list started small. The means by which he grew to 10,000 are surprisingly simple. He started with a bi-weekly newsletter, delivering it with relentless consistency. He drives everyone to his website where visitors encounter a lead magnet for a free download titled “9 Design Elements Your Brand Absolutely Positively Needs.” There’s also been lots of in-person and online (Facebook & LinkedIn group) networking. Philip told everyone that would listen why they should join his email list.

Leveraging YouTube and delivering value

Philip also leverages YouTube content with pop-up lead magnets to drive viewers to his website. Most importantly, he has always promised (and delivered) value to email subscribers. His company Verhaal Brand Design states emphatically that they create new brands from scratch and fix broken ones. He’s worked with a number of big brands, but these days targets branding agencies that want help reaching the next level in their business.

Philip says that Youpreneur has greatly helped him on the personal branding front. Post interview, he confessed to being even more excited about his YouTube channel than his email subscribers. Because of this we decided to record a follow-up interview. That interview is scheduled to publish on September 1, 2018.

To see an sample of what Philip is so excited about, watch his video on Copy on Websites/Customer Journey Building (below).

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