Connecting Salon Professionals and Salons | Kerrie BrandauKerrie Brandau is a longtime salon professional and entrepreneur. She’s also a longtime friend. When her husband and business partner George became frustrated by the absence of a much needed service, the idea for Salonch was born. Their big idea was to create a mobile app that would connect salon professionals with their ideal workplace salon. And create it they did.

Kerrie’s story is a beautiful example of how scratching ones own itch can lead to good, and sometimes great, business ideas. Our conversation is also a beautiful example of two people pursuing their passions. Kerrie and I talk about her career journey in the salon business and the journey that lead her and George to create Salonch. Kerrie shares challenges, missteps, lessons in business management, and facing down fears.

She describes fear as “the scary,” and as something she thrives on. The one type of scary she doesn’t like, is the thought of looking back and knowing that she didn’t take her shot, that she didn’t go after something she really wanted.

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