As a content marketing guy, writer’s block is all too real for me. Fortunately I’ve found a few tools, resources, and practices that help me out when it happens. I thought I’d share them with you. If you’re not a content marketer, let me tell you why you should hang on to these anyway.

  • You regularly communicate with customers and/or colleagues in writing
  • You have an email list that you regularly communicate with
  • You’ve been thinking about blogging, podcasting, writing a book, or starting a YouTube channel
  • You’re working on growing your audience

Writer's block, object writing, revising content, website copy that convertsMaybe your not doing all of these, but I bet you’re doing at least one of them. Perhaps you’re engaged in some other weekly writing activity that I didn’t mention. What I’m sharing below can help.

25 Copy-and-Paste Blog Post Templates—UPDATED with 8 New Templates! by Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income

I’m a big fan and longtime follower of Pat Flynn. I love that he updates old content to keep it relevant!

Website Copy That Converts – How to Create a Customer Journey, video by Philip VanDusen

This video is on Philip’s YouTube channel. It’s great information and a fine example of content that converts, and he’s done a great job branding his YouTube channel. Philip was featured on a couple of Partner4Leads Biz Podcast episodes

Object Writing – Ten minutes a day to good writing

Crystal and Pete Damore who were on my Unstarving Musician’s Podcast turned me on object writing. This article comes at it from the angle of writing lyrics, but I have no doubt that it can help with descriptive writing in general.

If you’re trying to publish anything consistently, you’ll eventually face an episode of writer’s block. These tools might be just what you need when it happens.