Stress Reduction For Entrepreneurs | Victoria SmithVictoria Smith is a Stress Reduction Coach who helps women reduce their stress so that they can actually enjoy their daily lives. Experiencing shingles twice before the age of 30, Victoria realized that she had to turn her health around. Following her own wellness journey, she became certified as a health and life coach and now supports women around the world to reduce their own stress.

We discuss the unique challenges that entrepreneurs face with stress, the programs that she’s created to combat stress, her own journey as an entrepreneur, our shared love of podcasting and much more.


We start by sharing how Victoria and I began working together and go on to discuss:

  • Freelancing as a means to remove business pressure
  • The origins of her podcast
  • How creativity affects every aspect of entrepreneurship
  • Self comfort vs. self care
  • The importance of boundary setting
  • Her experience with depression


  • You are in the driver’s seat of your relationship to stress. You can change it.
  • Life isn’t stressless, but you can stress less.
  • Self reflection is key. Take the time to build your own awareness.



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