Using Video for Linkedin | David KilkellyDavid Kilkelly and his company BlinkBack have become experts using video for LinkedIn. The story leading up to this point in BlinkBack’s history is a good one. He and his wife left their high paying salary gigs in corporate and academia to move their family to the country. David had enjoyed teaching media at the University of Sussex for over ten years. He ultimately realized that he wanted to get into a smaller community where he could build and manage his own business.

With this realization, David and his wife decided to move their family to a southern part of England for a warmer climate and a better quality of life. The thriller part of this is that they had no business experience and no network awaiting them.

Our conversation begins with how David became acquainted with mutual friend Chris Ducker, founder of The Youpreneur Academy. The discussion continues with insights on the following.


  • David talks about moving his family to the country and starting a business with no “plan b” or what he calls, burning the boats
  • How BlinkBack got started, it’s original vision, and what it’s becoming as a company
  • Creating an online business with an educational slant
  • The challenges that starting anew with no network and the need to generate income quickly
  • Building a new network and obtaining video work locally
  • How increased income is allowing David to come back to the educational component of his business plan
  • The thought process behind BlinkBack’s new course on video for LinkedIn
  • Providing cost effective video services to smaller businesses
  • Why LinkedIn video makes sense right now
  • What David loves about LinkedIn
  • The beauty and the challenge of globalization and the internet (approaches that no longer work)
  • Who the video for LinkedIn course by BlinkBack is for
  • David compares different video platforms for business
  • The most challenging part of David’s 5-year business journey
  • David describes his work from home routine and setup
  • We talk Youpreneur Summit 2019 and other U.S. based conferences


  1. Lots of agencies say their great, but today you have to prove it by showing and demonstrating your expertise up front
  2. The internet is an extremely crowded space, making many social marketing practices obsolete
  3. LinkedIn video is in it’s prime, making a perfect place for businesses to share their expertise


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