Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace—John Faisandier, Thrive Under FireJohn Faisandier of Thrive Under Fire (TUF) is an emotional intelligence expert. He and his team specialize in helping teams, managers and frontline staff to better deal with customers, both internal and external. We talk about what emotional intelligence is, how it works, and why it’s so important in the workplace. John shares with us how psychodrama and neuroscience feed into the running of a business, how leaders support their teams, the impact it has on the end customer and more.


We start by talking about John’s new book, Thriving Under Fire, and go on to discuss:

  • Mind mapping as a form of working on your business
  • Psychodrama therapy to help work through challenges
  • How to support staff who are customer-facing
  • Tools for leaders to manage their emotions
  • The long-lasting value of internal rewards


  • Take the necessary time to think about your business (not doing tasks).
  • Good relationships in the workplace are rooted in internal rewards and clear purpose.