This is my first pass at a “Now” page. Thanks Derek Sivers for the inspiration.

What I’m doing now.

Since Morning Tempo is the hidden hub of everything I do professionally, I decided it’s the best place to tell you what’s going on in my world right now.

Like you, I’m in the midst of this new weird world,  brought about compliments of COVID-19.

Web Design

Learning CSS

I’m finally learning CSS, and it’s already coming in handy. Personally, I’ve always felt slightly handicapped as a web designer, because I haven’t known CSS. Here’s the source I chose to learn from, in case you’re interested.

Learn to style with CSS, by MDN Webdocs (moz://a)

Starting a WordPress Meetup

WordPress has been my platform of choice, as a web designer. Not long ago I joined a group for WordPress meetups in Panama City. Because distance has made that difficult to attend any of the live events, I decided to look in to starting my own. Well… it’s happening. Obviously my meetups will be virtual for now, but I’m stoked.

Redesigning My Websites

I’m working on some general content updates, but more importantly, I’m working on the restructure of categories. This will make it possible for me to update old content, complete some opinions and research, and better serve my readers.


I hit the pause button on the Morning Tempo podcast, so that I can devote focused attention on my passion project the Unstarving Musician. Having said that, I still love interviewing creative business owners and entrepreneurs. I’m sure if the right opportunity arises, I’ll hit the play button on Morning Tempo.


Song Composition

I’m also working on my first song composition in decades. It came a bit quicker than I expected, having spent 20-some years away from the guitar. But recording has become so much more accessible, as of late, making the endeavor super exciting and super fun.

DIY Sound Treatment

Since living in Panama, I’ve let myself fall into a pattern of not practicing the drums much. My reason has been the challenge of space and acoustics. I currently have just enough space, but have been sitting on the acoustics issue. I’m finally going to address it, and I found a ridiculously affordable option for acoustic panels.

Last updated 30 March 2020