How to Start a Podcast | Michele LorentzI’m often asked about my podcast setup. Questions are often about the software I use, but I also get questions about what microphone I use, and which hosting service I podcast. Sometimes people ask me for help about just getting started.

Today, I received another question about my setup, so instead of typing up another email, I thought I’d just put it all here on my website. It’s something I can update from time to time too, because things are always changing.

So let’s start with my setup, software and hardware.

Pardon the Interruption (Disclosure) 
Some of the links in this post, such as those in the above section, are affiliate links. This means I make a small commission, at no extra charge to you, if you purchase using those links. Thanks for your support!


I fortunately chose Libsyn for my hosting service. The choice was fortunate, because I could have chosen any number of other hosting services, any number of which could have caused me some grief and even regret. I’ll talk about all the things I love about Libsyn in a future update.

Recording, Editing & Sound

My preference is to use Skype, but I have a couple of fall back options, which I’ll cover in a future update. Recording the conversations is done with with the help of Call Recorder for Skype. My preference is also to do Skype to phone, whereby I call my guest on their phone.  Skype to Skype, where my guest is also using Skype works well also. I’ll get into why I like Skype to phone, as well as the pros and cons, in a future update.

I edit using GarageBand, but can also recommend Auphonic. While I’ve done mixing and EQ using GarageBand, I now use Audacity.


My hardware setup consists of the following.

I hope you find this useful.