Jason Criddle | Building Wealth Through Content

Jason Criddle of Smartr Marketing is my guest today. We talk about sales as a core function of any business, app-based referral business and the importance of content creation.

Lifetime compensation of multi-level marketing models and the opportunity to work with a multi-level marketing company is what brought Jason to where he is today. His company reached out to me to pitch a product called the Smartr Marketing App and an opportunity to make a little income for the podcast. I looked him up and found that Jason’s career and views looked pretty interesting, so I reached out. Jason is located near my hometown in the Dallas Fort Worth Metro area. The Smartr Marketing App wanted to create an MLM-type compensation without all the drawbacks of pay-to-sell models, non-competes and other elements that we discuss.

Jason is one bright guy whose company is doing a lot of different things, though they are in the process of niching it all down – I love that. He’s a millenial with a passion for helping entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed.


We start the episode by talking about his experience working with multi-level marketing organizations and go on to discuss:

  • How to track your word of mouth marketing
  • Jason’s introduction to software and apps
  • The importance of focusing on a core product or service
  • His views on the law of attraction
  • The difference between the present and future ‘you’


  • Focus on your character and your goals will take care of themselves.
  • Spend time creating your space and content online. It speaks for you before you can.
  • Action is critical to attract the life that you want.



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