Studio portrait pic of Roberto with drumsAre you wondering how to more efficiently get the attention of more of “the right” people?
Are you struggling to keep your pipeline filled with quality prospects?
What if you could better serve your existing audience?
What if you could build an audience of actual fans, fans that want to by from you?

Many businesses struggle to get in front of their audience, and many business owners spend excessive hours meeting with prospects face-to-face. Don’t get me wrong. Face-time is a great way to develop relationships that are vital to getting new prospects into the sales funnel; but there’s another often overlooked fact. Most businesses don’t know their customers and prospects as well as they think they do. These are the types of problems I love working on. While there’s a method and madness to it all, it’s not terribly complicated. Email marketing, surveys, a little data analysis, lead magnets and well thought out sales pages can bring a sales pipeline and funnel to life. Oh…there’s also a little personal branding involved. After all, we all need to be somebody’s favorite.

My story…

As a kid growing up in Fort Worth, I was really into Batman, Lego (the old-school kind that left you to the devices of your own imagination), Corgi cars, Hot Wheels, comic books, tree-climbing, doodle bugs, GI Joe (w/Kung Fu Grip), monster movies, monster models, masked wrestlers and Cracker Jacks. A few short years later (still a kid), my mind was blown when I saw The Rolling Stones on TV for the first time. I didn’t know it at the time, but all of these fascinations were ingredients for the fuel that would be come my future interest in marketing ideas, people, music, and places.